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Khulna Regional Quiz Contest Junior

Registration No.NameInstitutionClassScore
17604Md. Sabab SharifGovt. Lavoratory High School815
17605Md. Dilarul IslamGovt. Lavoratory High School815
17776Anika Islam FihaGovt. Lavoratory High School714
17341Rukaiya SiddikaGovt. Lavoratory High School813
17757Tanvir Hossin SakibGovt. Lavoratory High School613
17498Shahriya Zaman ShifatBN School and College813
171032Muhtarima Tabassum MehrinGovt. Coronation Secondary Girls School813
171034Sanjana Shahreen ShoilyGovt. Coronation Secondary Girls School813
171031Rabsa RahmanGovt. Coronation Secondary Girls School813
17238Foysal Ahmed JesanKhulna Collectorat Public School & College712
17344Shahnaz ParvinGovt. Coronation Secondary Girls School812
17351Keka Boshu RiaGovt. Coronation Secondary Girls School812
17352Sushmita MazumderGovt. Coronation Secondary Girls School812
17754Arijit DasGovt. Lavoratory High School812
17758Md. Fahim Shahrier TanvirGovt. Lavoratory High School612